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“Paradise Lost”: Book IV: Lines 32-113 »

Number of pages 5

A 5 page paper which examines John Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” Book IV, lines 32-113. The paper examines how this section of the story shapes our understanding of what has come before and what will follow. No additional sources cited. View Full Description
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Marketing the Harley Hydrogen Cycle »

Number of pages 7

A 7 page paper creating a product and a marketing plan for the VROD-H, a hydrogen-cell Harley-Davidson motorcycle based on its 1130 cc motor developed for the VROD series. EPA and California emissions requirements for motorcycles become much more stringent in 2008 and again in 2010; the product will be marketed first in California ... View Full Description
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Property Law and the Human Rights Act 1998 »

Number of pages 8

This 8 page paper considers the way that the Human Rights Act may create change in property law in the UK. The paper argues that there is a bias towards the wishes and rights of property owners, but that this is changing gradually. The argument uses multiple cases to illustrate points raised including Royal Borough ... View Full Description
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Representation in Florida's District 113 »

Number of pages 3

This 3 page paper investigates who represents this district in the House and the Senate. The viewpoints of the politicians are noted as it respects welfare, the elderly and children and family issues. Bibliography lists 3 sources. View Full Description
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Reves V. Ernst & Young »

Number of pages 5

5 pages in length. The writer discusses pertinent aspects with regard to Reves V. Ernst & Young (113 S.Ct. 1163 1993). Bibliography lists 1 source. View Full Description
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