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Term papers on Patent Law

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Cheap Drugs for Africa; The Moral Issues of Treating AIDS »

Number of pages 10

This 10 page paper considers the ethical and legal issues that are relevant when considering the need of developing nations to access essential drugs, such as those for HIV/AIDS. Issues such are moral responsibility, profit, investment, protection and patents are also considered. Patent law referent to is both international and UK is approach. The bibliography ... View Full Description
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Economic Principles Applied to Pharmaceutical Companies »

Number of pages 11

This 11 page paper applies a number of economic principles to pharmaceutical companies in the way in which they produce and then sell drugs. Pharmaceutical companies can produce drugs for only pennies a pill. These companies are protected by patent laws for new drugs they develop and with a patent protecting their product; ... View Full Description
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Patent and Intellectual Property Law »

Number of pages 26

This 26 page paper considers the quote “since we have had a patent system for a long time, it would be irresponsible, on the basis of our present knowledge, to recommend abolishing it”. The paper begins by looking at the development of patent law with he first recorded origins in 1313, though to the current ... View Full Description
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Patents and Tax Avoidance Processes in the US »

Number of pages 4

This 4 page paper looks at whether a tax avoidance can be patented under US patent law as a business process, and discusses whether not this is ethical and whether or not is should be allowed. The bibliography cites 4 sources. View Full Description
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Number of pages 5

This 5-page paper focuses on aspects of patent law, based on a case study. Topics under discussion include patent infringements and revocation of patents. Bibliography lists 3 sources. View Full Description
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Should The Monopoly Of Patents Be Abolished »

Number of pages 8

An 8 page paper. Thomas Jefferson initiated the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent laws, in fact, all intellectual property protection laws, are controversial. This essay presents the arguments on both sides of the debate. Included are discussions on: the requirements for being awarded a patent, the four precepts by which the Patent ... View Full Description
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