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Term papers on Visitation

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Limited Nursing Advocacy »

Number of pages 4

A 4 page research paper that examines a nursing situation in which "limited advocacy" is a factor. The writer discusses how hospital policy can restrict visitation and how nurses should consider the needs of the patient and the patient's family in making decisions on this issue. Bibliography lists 3 sources. View Full Description
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Negotiation Techniques for the Social Worker »

Number of pages 8

This 8 page paper explores the art of negotiation and bargaining by focusing on a case study submitted by a student. The case involves the negotiation of visitation with a pet dog for a woman who has been hospitalized. Methodology is explored and the case is evaluated in respect to the literature available ... View Full Description
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Privilege or Right? / Visitation & Education Within the Prison System »

Number of pages 15

A 15 page paper addressing the issues of visitation, education, and job training. These are not privileges and should be considered rights. These are obviously issues that have not been addressed in the inmates childhood and should be addressed now before it is too late, if it isn't already. A hypothetical survey and results are ... View Full Description
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Reflections Of A Nursing Home Visit »

Number of pages 3

3 pages in length. The student's experience at Mary Crest was both eye-opening and heartbreaking at the same time, inasmuch as these once-vibrant people who were capable of living on their own and taking care of themselves have been stripped of their individuality, independence and any meaningful connection with the outside world. While ... View Full Description
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The Mystery Of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) »

Number of pages 10

The question of life existing beyond the confines of our own planet and the visitations that such beings might make to our world, is one that pre-dates the twentieth century. In this 10 page research paper, the writer explores the mystery of U.F.O.s, historical "sightings," government reports, and the ensuing controversy today. Statistics concerning the ... View Full Description
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