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Term papers on Alimony, Spousal support, or other maintenance

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Alimony, Divorce and the Effect on Income Tax »

Number of pages 5

5 pages. This research paper will explain all about the income tax implications for those that are divorced, paying alimony or perhaps receiving alimony. It gives form information that you need for your tax returns and other very handy information. Bibliography lists 2 sources. View Full Description
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Family Law in the United Kingdom »

Number of pages 14

This 14 page report discusses developments in family law in the UK and in what ways they have worked to bring about a greater equality of the sexes. Property relations, child custody, alimony, and child support are discussed in relationship to divorce. Traditionally, family law in the UK has not been particularly sympathetic to ... View Full Description
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Lawyer's Workday »

Number of pages 4

4 pages in length. This lawyer's area of law defending the homeless, a population of people who are often denied their inherent rights because of their economic and residential situation. Also known as a street lawyer to industry insiders, this type of lawyer spends most of his time sifting through mounds of paperwork ... View Full Description
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